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Become a chick for charity

Our goal is to celebrate doing something simple and fun that raises awareness for under-the-radar charities and provides girls and women with the inspiration and opportunity to participate in philanthropy, maximize impact, and experience the JOY of giving back.


Membership is FREE to anyone who wants to have fun…do good…and give back!

Women and girls of any age can become a Chick. If you want to have fun, do good, and give back, you’re Chick material. Simply fill out the form. Remember to register your Jr. Chick, too!

No membership fees. No required meetings.  No required committees.

All you do is commit to raising $50 – $100 or more by doing something fun with family, friends, or co-workers to support our designated nonprofit. Or if your life is slammed…or you’re simply too tired to plan an event…we happily accept donations via check, PayPal, or other means.

We are all about keeping it easy while inspiring the JOY and DIGNITY of being philanthropic. 

We’d be honored for you to join us!